Why You Should Outsource Admin Support

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Out of all the administrative support subcategories, none stands out more than virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants are in great demand as more and more firms who need administrative and secretarial workers, realize the benefits of not having to hire, and provide, medical and insurance benefits to full time resources. There are no contracts to sign - when they perform poorly, you just terminate them without worrying about lawsuits.

Virtual assistants can provide a full day’s work on request, or work only during high season, depending on the requirements of the business. Some of them have become indispensable and have gone on to become full time virtual assistants for one employer exclusively. Because they work from home, they have full flexibility.



5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Admin Support


1. Organization

A virtual assistant can organize your businessin more ways than you can imagine. Business managers like you have more important things to do than cleaning up mailing lists, doing research, following up on customers, and typing.

2. Reminders

A virtual assistant can “rein” you in, especially if you tend to mix up your priorities, miss important dates, and pay bills late.

You need a “calendar girl” (or guy) to tell you that it is time to call a customer, speak to a supplier, and order party tables and a clown for your daughter’s 10th birthday bash.

3. Customer Support

A virtual assistant can also be your customers’ go-to person. If they want to know more about a product, sign up for newsletters, or have complaintsabout the product or service you offer, you need not deal with those issues directly because your virtual assistant can shield you from them.

4. Versatility

In addition to office/admin functions, if your virtual assistant is a versatile worker, they can perform some of your more routine marketing tasks. For example, if you need to send auto-responders to people who signed up for your email course, your virtual assistant can take over this function.

5. Writing Services

Need copywriting for your business? Many virtual assistants can also write, allowing you to delegate more than just admin tasks, a significant advantage for you if your business grows and your needs increase.

Other Administrative Support Tasks That Can Be Outsourced

Virtual assistants aren’t the only type of administrative support specialists. Many other roles can be equally beneficial to you as a business owner.

These include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Data entry and processing
  • Email response handling
  • Order processing
  • Telemarketing
  • Event and travel planning

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